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. suggestions? how about the perpetual motion squad? it's beyond the laws of physics, plus a little heads-up for the ladies. the ladies? "perpetual motion squad-- we can go all night." i like it. i don't. teams are traditionally named after fierce creatures thus intimidating one's opponent. then we could be the bengal tigers. poor choice. gram for gram, no animal exceeds the relative fighting strength of the army ant. maybe so but you can't incinerate a bengal tiger with a magnifying glass. let's put it to a vote. all those in favor... point of order. i move that any vote on team names must be unanimous. no man should be forced to emblazon his chest with a bengal tiger when common sense dictates it should be an army ant. will the gentleman from the great state of denial yield for a question? i will yield. after we go through the exercise of an annoying series of votes, all of which the gentleman will lose, does he then intend to threaten to quit if he does not get his way? he does. i move we are the army ants. all those in favor? good afternoon and welcome to today's physics bowl practice
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1